Wednesday, August 10, 2011


While I can't say that the overall aesthetic of Berlin-based label Burkhardt/Möllmann (found via Arcademi) makes me feel the need to add a piece to my wardrobe, there's something about these pieces that I quite like. Or maybe I do like the overall aesthetic, and not the 'something'. Hmm. For example, I can't pick out a specific piece from the S/S 12 collection (above) that I'd like to wear, but I appreciate the Life Aquatic meets Top Gun feel. 

And for the A/W 11/12 collection (above), I like the architectural element provided by the use of that stiff and plushy car upholstery-type fabric (eg. skirt on left). I'm also a fan for some reason of that added layer of hanging things, which seems like a salute to a Roman centurion's cinculum militaire but with less leather, more length, and more of a WWII setting. B/M actually had that hanging detail in the two collections previous to A/W 11/12, but it is best realized here. 

My favorite piece, I'd have to say, comes from my least favorite collection, the mostly-white S/S 09. I can't keep a white shirt white for longer than five minutes, but the pretty gathering detail in these harem/drop-crotch pants/shorts would draw all the attention away from any conspicuous stains on my shirt down to my knees. And yes, I do think that generally this shape of pant has gotten quite old and overdone, methinks, but simply adding a speck of imagination makes them seem rather 'fresh', as they say.

Oh, is it lunch yet?!! I just finished my breakfast, but I can't wait to have leftovers from last night's dinner. I made raw tacos (though I made it non-vegan with real sour cream, applewood smoked cheddar slices, and honey in the fresh salsa) and this wonderfully light (and nearly vegan) macaroni salad, but had a house full of hungry people and no time to take pictures. Both things are absolutely perfect for a hot summer day when you don't want to cook (though I recommend having an extra knife and cutting board to recruit some help if you make both things together, as there's a lot of chopping required.) Next up I'll be looking to make something with the paneer I finally found, possibly these pea puffs. Yum.

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