Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paleontologists have defined no faunal stages for the Holocene.*

I don't quite get all the ins and outs of this piece, but the idea of a blazer with vented or cut-out long sleeves intrigues me. I suppose this one by Belgian designer Sofie Gaudaen (found via Clik clk) is more of a shrug or wrap, but even so. My dilemma this morning on how to wear a pajama-style draped silk top (that doesn't deserve to be covered up) on a cold day would've been easily solved if I had had this. Though my InAisce linen blazer served me quite well, I must say. The man yelling from his car at me standing in the bus stop shelter thought so as well.

*If you want to watch a beautiful music video, I suggest Bon Iver's 'Holocene'. Which basically has nothing to do with the geological epoch. Or, for that matter, this post.

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