Friday, August 19, 2011

If travel is searching

So, it appears that posting anything of Carly Hunter's is a yearly affair here on kOs, and that annual appointed time has arrived. I feel like I'm maybe the wrong blogger to be posting this piece, as it seems pretty much made for Susie Bubble, but I'd really quite like it for myself. 

This slouchy/oversized blazer is also relevant to my interests. I liked my button-up and blazer combo yesterday so much that I was searching for another button-up in a couple of local shops to get me to the next laundry day (and/or the next not-fall-weather day). But I was rather astounded to find that all the button-ups, at least in my immediate area, are either really quite oversized or have batwing/dolman sleeves, making layering with a normal fitting blazer rather awkward. Perhaps then I should be looking at a looser fit blazer that could fit one and all types of button-ups? Or people should just make normal shirts...

(Photos via NJAL)

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