Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Dust (Part Two),*

Sometimes I wonder if going back in time (and/or eschewing technology) would be a good thing in the world of fashion. After watching season one of The Hour (immediately followed by Goodnight, and Good Luck), I couldn't help but wonder what the world would be like if today we had to wait for a friend's contact to get back to us via a long distance phone call just to develop a story, if there was only one copy of a document, or if it took an entire week to write a piece (err...not unlike here on kOs). This thought also reminds me of when I saw Jamie Woon play in Brooklyn this past December. The club was packed full of hipsters who didn't mind paying $9 for a flat beer (a few of which were promptly spilt all over my McQueen peacoat), and yet the few Jamie Woon fans were right ticked off that he dared to play rather minimalistic, even acoustic, versions of his songs. What is wrong with taking it down a notch and focusing on the basics? What is wrong with focusing on creating things of quality, and then deciding to keep it to yourself or presenting it in an unexpected manner? Production and publicity are both quite overrated. Though, having said that, you can have as much publicity on kOs as you'd like, my friend Dust.


(Photo is a screen capture of the end of a video I took at the Jamie Woon show, post-beer spillage.)
*This letter is a semi-loose response to this open letter from Dust of dusturbance. Wondering what we're doing? So are we.

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