Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012: YOHJ JUN VIV (Part 2*)

Junya Watanabe basically did two things with this A/W collection. Blazers with an added panel made of deconstructed trousers, and coats worn as capes. It'll be no surprise that I like the blazer idea, but it somehow didn't work in every colour or on every model. Why? (I picked the best ones to post, so you might want to check out the full collection to see what I'm talking about.) And coats being worn as capes aren't fooling anyone, they just make it harder for me to imagine them being worn as coats. Somehow, after writing these few lines, I like the collection much less than I did two minutes ago. Hmm...I do really like this dress though, so at least there's that. Now, where's my oatmeal?

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*Again, no guarantee on there being a Part 3.

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