Friday, March 23, 2012

When your mind's made up

If I stare at this new LUMMEDesigns (previously known as Attila Design) dress long enough, I might just have to buy it. Though it comes with it's own waist cincher belt (which would look stunning over a plain white ribbed tank), I can clearly picture it with an ArtLab industrial elastic waist cincher, or an ArtLab harness/bib, or the chromat warmup collar (seen in the ad in the right sidebar, and possibly on me in the near future). I imagine it's see through, so I'd also pair it with a mydearthing husband dress (sorry, same link as above - you will watch Eddie Izzard one way or another, if I have anything to do with it). But, alas, I have a new car child to take care of. Tiina, if you decide to extend your sale to this beauty, I'm coming for it.

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