Monday, March 19, 2012


I've had Dori Tomcsanyni's NJAL page on my bookmark bar for so long that I succumbed to a bag of Doritos before getting around to posting about her new collection. Bad idea on both accounts. The chips and the waiting. After spilling coffee on my vintage McQueen/Kat Stratford pants and somehow having them magically not stain, I'm feeling a bit more open to light coloured things. Particularly this dress (minus the visor). Would look excellent on a Classics grad student (especially a newly accepted one), don't you think? I'm also wanting to wear pants less and less (except for the aforementioned McQueen/Stratford pair). Just doesn't seem natural, especially if I have to pull them up every time I move. Here's hoping there's a new mydearthing skirt on the horizon...

Update: The dress is available as a custom order in The Shop, for less than $350!

Update to update: The dress (and the rest of Dori's new collection) is also available from Dori's webshop, for much much less (roughly half of the above mentioned price). She ships to every country too.!

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