Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Dust (Part Three),*

I should be upfront and say that I still do not have a smartphone (or tablet), and thus don't have an app for anything. However, my man has quickly become enamored with his iPhone, and I did play around with it a bit after he purchased the new Björk album in app form. So, when you had mentioned (in a private discussion) that our open discussion could lead to unknown territories, even including creating an app, I was intrigued. And now, to add to your idea of a dusturbance app to allow a dusturbance wearer to take advantage of your modular system, might I suggest including something that does tap into that intimate and sensual relationship you also mentioned should be a part of fashion.

Specifically, could we create an app that recreates the texture and weight of a fabric as much as is possible in a pixel form? Many times I have purchased something online just so I could feel it, and many times I have been surprised by the difference in the fabric I touch versus the fabric I see. I don't believe it's necessarily the designer's responsibility to explain the texture of a fabric, because each individual's background informs and shapes their senses, even regarding something that may seem straightforward like feel. I.e. for some reason I cringe at seeing velvet, and thus my brain would rather interpret this dress by Adel Kovacs (posted about a year ago here, and one of my favorite images posted on kOs) as being made of thinly shaved marble, thus feeling cool and smooth instead of warm and...velvety. Now, if I had been able to purchase this dress and found out that it was made of the material that once was burned through with a curling iron and had to be covered by a Minnie Mouse bow when I was really really not into bows (oh right, that's why I cringe...), I would be in a rather tragic situation, no? Indeed, my own fingers in addition to the kOs database (of over 1000 posts!) could surely provide some readers/dusturbance wearers with an extra virtual sense to avoid similar (and/or) unfortunate fashion flashbacks. Something to think/comment about...

To return to something else you said, I swear I read something perhaps a year ago about a body scan being converted into a different form of fast, almost printable, fashion. Anyone else's memory jogged?


*As before, this letter is a semi-loose response to this open letter from Dust of dusturbance. And yes, we're still wondering what we're doing...

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