Sunday, December 5, 2010

Diana Orving

Today's find (via a brief mention in ASOVF) is a Swedish designer named Diana Orving, whose A/W 10 'LIGHT' collection is rather endearing. As is the 'About' section of her website, describing Diana as an 'autodidact', a word which makes my Classical heart go aflutter. Ditto on the month-old webshop that contains too many wonderful things that I'd like to get (see below). 

I love skirts with windows (previously enjoyed with my onearmedscissor industrial/cyber punkish skirt). And I almost feel like I owe it to my eerily changing knees to show them off. I've always thought that knees are the most unattractive part of the body, but who knew you could change the shape of them with just a few exercises in less than a week? I kind of wish my physiotherapist had warned me about this sudden onset of knee 'puberty' (as a co-worker called it), so that I could've at least documented the changes via photos or charcoal drawings or such. I'm sure there a gaping hole in the blogosphere just waiting to be filled with a 'My Knees, A Retrospective'.

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