Sunday, December 12, 2010

Off The Deep End

I forgot that I hadn't yet posted this editorial spread from my favorite issue of my favorite local magazine, Parlour. These were shot at an indoor pool a few blocks away from my house. The city has been trying to shut down the pool for a while (apparently), and so there was an art and fashion show at the pool (featuring these photos and pieces from the fellow local Albertan designers of the clothing therein) put on to raise money and awareness to try and keep the pool open. I fully intended on going to said show but, umm, did laundry instead. Laundry is always the culprit, I find. Anyway, I have to say I have no idea what is happening with the pool. What I do know is that a pool they closed when I was just a wee one is only just now reopening this summer. So at least there's that.

Completely unrelated, does anyone have idea for what to do with a ton of concord grapes? I bought a bunch on a whim, and now need some recipes. I'm definitely going to be trying this grape and rosemary focaccia, as soon as I get some baking ingredients. Hopefully I'll have some photos and results to post on Monday.

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