Friday, December 17, 2010

Anywho + Kobra = A Warm Heart

I can't believe I almost missed Christmas. I just realized yesterday, amidst my huge day-long sigh of relief, that Christmas is next weekend. Next weekend! I have already done the majority of my shopping, and I did decorate the apartment on December 1st, but those were more chores than anything. With all that was going on at work (and thus my life), I didn't even think of getting into any type of holiday spirit. But now I'm free to listen to Amy Grant's Home For Christmas to my heart's content. It would also help to wrap some of those presents (a task which I love to do), but I have a week or two of blog reading to catch up on. Here's one gem I've already found, via DeSmitten: The drapiest of drapey warm wear from a collaboration between Danish label Kobra (by Fornebo) and Danish blog Anywho. Priced between about $215 and $320 (and only available here), I'm thinking these one-size wool and cashmere blend pieces are the perfect rewards for making it through this year...

P.S. Everything in my shop is 50% off for the weekend, just because. Meaning everything but the Alexander McQueen jacket is under $25. And yes, the McQueen is also on sale, against my better judgment. The regular $5 off for each additional item and $10 flat shipping fee still applies. Cheers!

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