Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More, please

I just returned from seeing Black Swan with my man, and I, quite frankly, am confused. I'm not quite sure what happened in the movie and expected more from Darren Aronofsky, especially as The Fountain is in my Top 5 movies of all time, if not the Top 2. Ah well. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Swan Lake at the NYC Ballet in February. I will also continue to enjoy all the food I am entitled to both cook and eat, as I'm not required to have rather disturbing back muscles and zero body fat. Here is a photo of my latest culinary endeavor. I was going off of a Vegan Dad recipe (found while searching for something to do with my concord grapes), with a few twists. First of all, I had only one apple instead of four (I was planning on using pre-made apple berry chutney, and made my own at the last minute). Second, I don't have a round cookie cutter to make it look like the original, so I cut the tofu into squares (meaning I only got four little 'burgers' instead of five), and used my fingers to (kinda sorta) shape the stuffing inbetween. Third, I used pre-made sage stuffing that had rice and carrots in it, and just added the apple cider and a few spinach leaves into the pot after it was done cooking. Oh, and I used butter instead of margarine, meaning it wasn't vegan after all. I really didn't like the fresh sage leaves that the chutney called for (perhaps because I'm not quite sure how I was supposed to chop it, as you can see from the photos), so I think I'll use dried sage leaves next time. This 'next time' may indeed be very very soon, as this smelled amazing while cooking, and tasted quite lovely. I've also been wanting to cook more cranberries just to watch them split ever since. Did you know a cranberry basically looks like a heart with four chambers when you cut it in half? Beautiful.

And no, this is not becoming a food blog. I just happen to have found a new hobby that is very therapeutic. And I think that great food is indeed quite fashionable.

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