Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheese cloth, innocence, or whipped cream

With the continuation of this gorgeous weather and a night to myself, I finally got the chance to wear one of most favorite purchases from Etsy, Hier Apparel's 'Golden Mean Pleasant Shift'. As I have gained an inch (at an unspecified location) in the past year that it has sat in my closet, it no longer fits like a glove. In truth, now it's more of a piece for an impromptu photo shoot than to comfortably wear without pulling at it. However, I still feel fabulous wearing it (and I was delighted to find out that it goes perfectly with my drapey halter Covet vest thing that made an appearance last night at Starbucks). The ethereal nature of the float-y purple cheesecloth and the organic details of handstitching and white shell embellishments are pure and simple beauty. Sigh.

And speaking of pure and simple beauty, iluchka's Ruth dress (and this model) has rendered me speechless with the most genuinely innocent look I've seen for a while. The crochet collar, the Grandma's cushions print, the crisp clean white cotton...Pity I no longer have my wafer-thin 16-year-old body to suit the shape. It will simply be another look and showcase of perfect calves that I will covet. Thus, I needed the whipped cream today. And once again, sigh.

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