Monday, June 29, 2009

Liza Rietz

Well, today is turning out to be quite lovely, from a to g:

a) I got to sleep in to prepare for working the evening shift this week.
b) It rained this morning. I love love love rain and it's too dusty here lately.
c) I got off my bottom for a Wii Fit session.
d) I received my long-dreamed of Liza Rietz tunic (more about that below).
e) I discovered that my fabulous new hair cut takes all of 5 minutes to style.
f) The sun came out so I could go on a lovely stroll for some iced coffee and to send in my claim for my eye exam (yay money!).
g) I picked up a cheap used book which promises to be a lovely Irish read. Why I haven't read Roddy Doyle before escapes me, but that shall be remedied by tonight/tomorrow.

So, the Liza Rietz Waffle Tucked Tunic. Okay girls, if you're looking for that one piece for your wardrobe to splurge on that is versatile for every season, is comfy, AND has that couture quality and look, this may very well be the piece for you. I'm seriously so happy with this tunic. Somehow Liza has figured out how to compliment the body with strategic placement of tucks while creating a gorgeous voluminous shape that instantly draws attention from every passerby. And the best part is that this can be worn in any season, as it can be paired with some beautiful vintage lingerie or a sporty bandeau bra underneath in the warmer seasons, or with a short or long sleeved t-shirt (or even turtle neck) in the colder seasons. If you're a bit more adventurous, you may even want to go for Liza's Half Circle Tunic (below), which is quite similar but with a more exaggerated shape at the bottom, and a lovely stand-up/Peter Pan type collar. And the herringbone fabric (if Liza has any left!) is a great choice for either of these pieces - I got my tunic made with it and it just gives it such great texture. I really wish I could own both these pieces, but I'm quite content with my tunic for now.

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