Monday, June 1, 2009

Phewf!!! Now onto...Closet sale!

Crisis averted/false alarm. I was so wound up that I'm not feeling total relief, but I can slowly try to calm myself down now. Back to normal life now (albeit with a bum leg)!

Tipped off by Queen Michelle and inspired by Cats & Dogs, I've been thinking about opening my own blog shop. I really am not a fan of ebay, in part because of their fees and their shoppers' under-/non-appreciation of handmade clothing. I have a few things I've bought off of Etsy that I no longer wear/have never worn, but I can't sell them on Etsy since I did not make them myself. So I'm thinking perhaps I should offer them to you, my readers, who read this blog because of your love of handmade fashion. Right now, I want to let go of the following (click on description links for original Etsy listings):
Until I get a shop set up, let me know if any of these items interest you. I'll take any offers until I get some proper listings going, and offer $5 shipping worldwide (payment through Paypal). I'll also consider trades! I'm usually a size medium/large, I love any shade of green, and I'm currently obsessed with scarves (particularly of the Necklush variety right now). Depending on the offer/my mood, I might even consider parting with my Lorimarsha London Calling dress (never worn, was $178)...but possibly not.

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