Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Support (hose) needed

While walking in the back door of my apartment just now, I figured out why today doesn't seem so bright, in spite of the sunny skies. All of our neighbourhood flowers have turned a ghostly white...Okay, so they're dandelions. But I like yellow flowers, even if they are weeds.

Truth is, the best part of my day today (besides getting to sleep in till 7:45 instead of 4:45) was a compliment by the interesting/somehow familiar looking Starbucks barrista. Now I don't find myself a remarkably vain person, aside from being interested in fashion and non-flat hair. But it somehow helped to know that this girl agreed with my pairing of my navy blue drapey Covet vest thing and my olive treehouse28 Wide Strap Dress. Sure, I still felt the need to get whipped cream on my Venti Chai Frappucino, but I had a bad day. After sitting in an uncomfortable chair in my purple scrubs for exactly 2 hours, I was told by an ex-pothead doctor that I'm stuck with my hideous leg and that it will only get worse. I'm only 25 for goodness sakes. Perhaps I have to make my custom Bonzie spats (made especially for my no-heels shoe collection) a regular part of my wardrobe . Although my right calf is probably too swollen for them now...

Or perhaps I need a Mehndi Mitt for my calf. Aren't these oddly intriguing?

Sigh. I think I'll go read some more One Fifth Avenue. I finished half of it in the waiting room. Oh to be rich and beautiful. Perhaps that's why Candace Bushnell's books are my guilty pleasure.

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