Thursday, June 4, 2009

Her look becomes her

1) One of the regulars at my Starbucks initially intrigued me because she shed her ho-hum university student look for a dramatic black fringed cut, sharp black frames, a confident stride, and interesting outfits. I don't always like her ensembles, but she always made me take a second look because of the amazing transformation she had made. Today, however, I realized that I can no longer remember what she used to look like. Her 'new' look has simply become her. And she still makes me take a second look.

2) A quote on the admin assistant's whiteboard today ended with: "Accept your mood for what it is, and wait for it to pass." Now, perhaps I'm missing the point since I didn't bother reading the rest of the quote. But the end of it bothers me. Do I really have to wait for a bad mood to pass before I can go on with my life? Do I have no control over it at all? And what if I like my mood? Hmm...

3) Normally I only feature Etsy sellers' creations, but I adore this Monkey & Elf dress for some reason. Most likely because it's a such a mod version of the typical Grecian goddess dress (and I'm a Classics geek at heart). The colour combo even intrigues me, though I haven't paired red and pink together since that fateful Valentine's dress-up contest where my classmates laughed at my red Levi's with a pink sweater. Or was it pink Levi's...I've rarely worn pink since.

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