Saturday, March 2, 2013

White Light Generator

I have two updates from kOs favorites that both hit my inbox today and are both brought to you by the colour white, which is fitting since it just starting snowing for no good reason. The first is from Antonella Petraccaro, whose brilliant BA collection was featured here almost two years ago. Antonella has now completed an MA in costume design (at the University of Arts London), a rather logical step after her design/performance hybrid BA collection. The photos here are from her final MA performance. I've never really followed a costume design student's work, so I'm quite fascinated by the whole thing. I love the regular ol' MA fashion shows, but after watching the video of Antonella's performance (from 12:30-18:30 here), I think this would be a much more entertaining way to spend an hour. Sure, you only see one or two designs from each student, but when you focus on just one piece for a few minutes, you're better able to recognize the talent and potential of each student. And Antonella definitely has both.

The second update comes from Liza Rietz. After a long absence while touring with her band and moving shop, Liza will (finally!) have a new collection coming out soon, available in both her Etsy and brick-and-mortar shop in Portland. Here is just one of the new pieces, the Peplum Dress. I'm definitely a fan. Liza will be offering it in other colours too, meaning I have a new reason to take on marking gigs for some extra cash...

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