Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kristofer Kongshaug, A/W 13/14

Kristofer Kongshaug hasn't had a new collection for a while, so I was very much anticipating the posting of the A/W 13/14. Unfortunately, Kristofer didn't get the memo that I wanted to see a sans-leather collection (like his S/S 12), so I can only post a few of the looks here (like with his A/W 11/12). Luckily, that top at the top is worth a post alone. One day, long ago, I almost got a wool Junya Watanbe piece off of eBay that was a bodysuit with a snap crotch, my intention being to wear it as a normal top with the snaps undone. This top by Kristofer echoes that thought, whilst having some lovely detailing in the back. I want it. And though I've yet to wear a camel-coloured coat, that second look is pretty much perfect. In fact, it's getting the My New Favorite Outfit award.

Kristofer has this way with tailoring and tiny details that instantly make a standard wardrobe piece spectacular. And every collection tends to feature a piece or two where the detail used is suspension in one form or another (e.g. the leg-brace dress of S/S 12, or the precarious crotchster pants of A/W 11/12). This collection, the piece chosen to play around with was the mini skirt. First you think it's like any other tight mini skirt you'd never be able to wear, and then you see it styled without the jacket. A necklace/harness/one-strapped jumper? Yes, please!

Truth is, there are some more suspension techniques used by way of a belt that is incorporated all genius-like into the back and neck of the piece. If you have both a computer that doesn't tend to crash and about 15 minutes (i.e. these photos take a looooong time to load), do go to Kristofer's website to view the whole collection. Just swap out the leather in your mind with a nice waxed canvas, or that textured technical fabric he uses for a couple pieces (as in the mini skirt and jacket above). 

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