Sunday, March 3, 2013

Léa Peckre

Thanks to the Arts of Fashion Foundation's Facebook, I just heard about this fantastic Paris-born and -based designer, Léa Peckre, who won various awards while studying at La Cambre in Brussels. The photos above are from her Fall 2013 collection, being shown as we speak in Paris. I always seem to be drawn to collections that are inspired by nature, and find that ones based on topographical features, such as Léa's, are the most fascinating. I mean, would you be able to create a dress based on the following picture? 

What gets me though is that Léa is able to transfer other complex ideas to fabric as well, and in a ridiculously successful fashion. Meaning, this one is not a one-hit wonder. For example, Léa's (first post-graduate collection) Spring 2013 collection , entitled 'Light in the Dark', was inspired by a car driving through the woods in the dark, and the look of the surrounding scenery in the lights/shadows. Do you see it? I know I do. [Update, Feb. 2015: Sorry, photos removed due to request from photographer.] Léa, I'm keeping an eye on you.

Edit: Léa keeps posting new photos of the Fall collection, so I'm adding more below. You're welcome.

(Fall 13 photos by Pascal Montary via Facebook)

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