Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rites of Spring*

So, seeing as it's the second day of spring, the sky here decided to dump about 2 feet of snow (and rising) on us. Makes sense. I don't care too much since I have a lot of work to do to prep for my first in-person conference presentation on Saturday (assuming I'm not literally snowed in). What is more distracting than the weather is an innocent little email that told me there are new arrivals in the Barbara Í Gongini shop. Having just discovered that there are two 'rooms' in the online shop (one for the main line, and one for the 'Black Line') and having already used up a lot of time exploring both for anything I hadn't yet seen, I was already hesitant to click on the link. I should've trusted my instincts. These pieces are perfect. The first one is made of a cotton/silk blend, and it's now going in My Top 3 Want List. Sigh. The second piece is just a bib (made of that same cotton/silk blend), an accessory which I'm quite partial to after discovering Sadotna. And before you call the last piece 'culottes', they're called trousers.

*This is the name of a band you should check out if you like Fugazi. Though, if you like Fugazi, you probably already know about them. Vinyl/CD/mp3s available through Dischord Records. Thanks to Mr. Rollins for turning me on to them, as you say.

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