Friday, March 15, 2013

Relevant Revenant

The marking of 226 1-year papers, the absence of real coffee in the house (friends don't let friends drink instant!), and a sudden obsession with Pearl Jam (circa 1992) has kept me away from scouring the Internets for post-worthy things this week. But a lovely email yesterday from Lucinda Sinclair, the designer and producer of UK label Sanctus, brought something quite post-worthy directly to me. Oddly enough, I had just been exposed to Sanctus via a photo posted on the Black Milk side of the Internets (really, it's taking up a whole side already!), where a Sanctus tank was styled with some BM leggings. It's a good thing Lucinda emailed me directly though - I simply can't keep up with the BM crowd and finish my degree! Anyway, Lucinda was quite right in stating that the Sanctus aesthetic fit right in with the kOs aesthetic. More specifically though, this pull-over hoodie from the S/S 13 collection fits right in with my wardrobe. I've been kicking myself for not ordering the mydearthing hoodie when I had a chance, and the only reason I didn't was that I don't wear pull-over hoodies. But lately, of course, I've been wanting a pull-over hoodie. And this Sanctus one, a.k.a. the Revenant Hoody, features a drapey panel that transforms an already sweet hoodie into a stylish one. And, there are thumbholes. Sigh. 

Anyway, there's more than just this hoodie, so check out the Sanctus e-shop. Not only is it a nicely designed website, but it's the only place you can get Sanctus. I have my eye on the Lacunar Bralette, and perhaps the Levamentum Trousers. Also, Lucinda designs and makes everything herself, and there are only 50 made of each piece. That's what I'm talking about.

By the way, if you're more of an open hoodie person (i.e. a zip-up without a zip), news is that the new Ovate collection is going to drop this evening, featuring the Valhalla in light grey...

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