Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I'm always annoyed when I see Björk and her swan dress on the worst-dressed-in-Oscar-history lists. Without launching into some sort of uncomfortable defense for animal-themed clothing, let's just say bizarre and different does not necessarily equal bad. Anyway, I'm sure Björk wouldn't be on such lists if she had been wearing this less-swan-ish dress by Sylvio Giardina (above left). However, Björk would never be expected to wear the same thing twice, even if the second time is actually just something similar and not the same. And so, for Björk's next Oscar performance, I would definitely suggest someone introduce her to Eleanor Amoroso, particularly Eleanor's A/W 12/13 collection (see above right). And my apologies if none of that makes sense. I'm not entirely sure being stuck in a tiny apartment for a week and a half with a humidifier as a best friend and all meals being served in a bowl is what you would call 'healthy'. 

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