Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thomas Tait, F/W 12/13

I can't help but be disappointed that Thomas Tait opted to use so much leather in his F/W 12/13 collection, as his show has quickly become one of those that I look forward to the most. I mean, maybe it was to be expected since I wasn't a huge fan of his S/S 12 collection (it didn't end up here), and maybe it's good that he's branching out and not doing the same F/W thing over again, the 'same' thing being that dress with the 'hell's windows' and more stiff wool than you can shake a stick at. Anyway, there are some pretty wool coats, the two here being the ones that weren't paired with leather trousers. I like the idea of a one-button winter coat. Not inherently practical, but the floor-/snow-sweeping length should make up for part of that. And that model on the left - that jaw sure makes me want to watch Anne of Green Gables, particularly the part where she teaches all those nasty Pringle girls... 

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