Monday, February 20, 2012

Inbar Spector, A/W 12/13

Inbar Spector's A/W 12/13 show streamed live at 4AM my time this morning, and I missed it. Not because I wanted to, and not because the link didn't work for me, but because I had actually finally fallen into a non-hallucinatory sleep. Funny thing is, I woke up at about 4:32AM, likely just when the show had ended. Sigh. Anyway, it seems the Internets are all a-buzz over Inbar's newest collection, which isn't a surprise at all to me. I must say it seems a bit déjà-vu though, as Inbar not only presented another pastel-hued tutu-laced collection, but she did so again for Vauxhall Fashion Scout, and again in the exact same venue. Is that a glitch in the Matrix, or are we just lucky to have another Inbar Spector collection follow so quickly after the last? Anyway, I was trying to get photos all day (in between a doctor's visit for me and giving first aid advice to my man after he nearly cut his finger off making me tea) of Inbar's whole collection, as the bloggers that had attended the show seemed to focus on all the same shiny and/or floaty pieces, as well as the jeweled headpieces. So not only was I rather happy when The Fashion Scout, Vauxhall's blog, put up the entire video of Inbar's show for all to see, but I was also quite pleasantly surprised to see that there was black in this collection! And so, here are my favorite pieces of Inbar's collection. I apologize that you are seeing them presented as tiny screen shots. While the ones above definitely showcase Inbar's love of Junya Watanabe, the one below is a perfect example of Inbar's unique aesthetic. Gorgeous.

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