Saturday, February 25, 2012

Look book

For whatever reason, being unable to talk this week has taken away my desire to read (as has the millions of germs that are likely living on my book since it last saw daylight in the walk-in clinic's waiting room). And I normally read a lot. This piece by Kyla McCallum (found via NOTCOUTURE), made out of 67 books, makes me think that the problem may have been that I haven't been wearing any books this week. Or just plain paper, for that matter, as in the second photo, by the incredible Ira Bordo (found via kleidersachen). Though, I have to say, Netflix is a good substitute with all it's book-to-film movies, at least for one as ill as I. Also, if I had been wearing paper/books, the sad truth is that such pages would've met the same untimely end as two certain boxes of kleenex...

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