Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Limi Feu, A/W 12/13

Ah, it might be the shiny new inhaler I just brought home, but Limi Feu's A/W 12/13 collection seems like a breath of fresh air. Yes, I know there's nothing new here and, in fact, the collection seems like a hodgepodge of her previous offerings with a generous helping of Yamamoto on the side. But it's ('it' being the oversized coats, perfect layering, deconstructed menswear, dependence on black, and lovely Parisian twist) what I like, so who cares? Far more interesting than the disappointing bird-theme Mr. Pugh gave us today at any rate, or the cowhide-heavy collection of Mr. Doma. Sigh.

Have any of you seen 84 Charing Cross Road? Sometimes I wish books were still hard to find, and that you had to develop relationships with people on a different continent just to read what you wanted to read. Ordering books online is so unromantic.

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