Friday, September 3, 2010

Variations on a Grace

So either the stress, the cold going around, the arrival of fall weather/dampness/whatnot, or all of the above has chained me to my bed and couch for at least the morning and afternoon. I'm trying to rest up as much as possible so that my trip goes off without a hitch (and hopefully without a hurricane...), and so it seems that a little bit of surfing and blogging is in order before I start packing. Thankfully some new Emily Ryan pieces arrived on the Internets just in time. These variations of her still new Grace Tee are so charming and comfy looking. One needs to be headed my way soon - methinks I'm leaning towards the Maxi Dress (below). Though the Caftan Dress looks mighty tempting as well... Emily is also the current Featured Seller on Etsy, which is what clued me into these fantastic new jersey pieces. Congrats Emily!

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