Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lifeguard on Duty

So yes, I know all the fashion editors and reviewers and bloggers are shouting from the roof tops about the return of colour, colour, colour. But, as I've said before, frankly I don't give a damn. And neither does Txell Miras, who is more than justified to not give a damn about anything she doesn't want to. Doing her own thing has worked out for her this long, so I'm quite happy she's continued on in this vein for her S/S 11 collection. I'm not even going to pick my favorite looks. And I shouldn't have to. In this month's meeting minutes at work, we were told to read our Occupational Health and Safety bulletin, which was about saving a drowning child. Therefore, I think these are all exactly the types of outfit I should be wearing to work...in the event that my workplace installs a swimming pool...and children are allowed at work...

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