Monday, September 27, 2010


Well, that weekend definitely did not go as planned. On top of the cold that I was already battling, Friday night's supper gave me a horrid case of foodpoisoning (is there really any other kind?) that I'm still recovering from. Times like those make me wish that I was the organized type and had pre-written posts ready to publish at the push of a button. But really, I tend to just go around the Internets, see something I like, and post it right there and then. Like these boots. Oh, these boots. Now, these say they're 'Converse style', and thus I assume that the designer didn't use actual Converse shoes as the base. At any rate, I did try on a pair of Converse brand knee highs last time I was at a mall in the States, and was slightly disappointed that they didn't have my exact size. But only slightly, because the zipper that went up the back and the too-bright white shoelaces were slightly unseemly. And by 'slightly', I mean 'really'. But these hand-dyed and hand-appliqued boots from Portland-based label moovmint solve both of those problems. While my favorite pair, Silver Queen (on the left), creates another problem of price, a few of the other pairs are much more wallet friendly (such as Feathered Feet on the right), especially considering the cost of materials and time involved in embellishing each shoe. If I could have my way, these shoes would get their own night on the town, accompanied by a gorgeous Bonzie tulle skirt. Or a Frayed Spanned Dress from mono. Did I mention that all items in the monoshop are now 50% off? Sigh. If only I hadn't bought so many bagels in Brooklyn...

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