Monday, September 27, 2010

Alexandra Groover, S/S 11

After fixing the broken video for Alexandra Groover's S/S 11 'Sea Smoke' collection, I am most happy to post lookbook photos from said collection. I still love the top I had singled out from the video (the Tide Pool Minidress, bottom of post), but my eye is now set on two of the dresses. First up is the Crosscurrent Halter Dress, which would be the perfect summer traveling wardrobe staple, as it can be worn long and loose (as above), or short and ruched (as below). I love how the ruched version has the look of an old school pin-up swimsuit.

My other choice would be the Flow Dress (below), which quite brilliantly features the jersey drawstrings prevalent in this collection along the hem of the dress. I would wear this all the time. Lauren of mydearthing has gotten me absolutely hooked on low armholes for tanks/dresses. That's really the way to go in both warmer weather and whilst layering with sleeved tops underneath on colder days.

All pieces are made of black jersey (of which Alexandra uses only the absolute best), and some pieces are unisex. Though if I ever bought my man any of those pieces, I know he would never actually see them. So I'll just pretend the entire collection is just for me when it comes to ordering from this collection, rather than giving him an incredibly selfish birthday present...Good luck at Paris Fashion Week, Alexandra! 

Now, I'm off to enjoy the most delicious bowl of soup ever. Well, I'm sure even a peanut butter and jam sandwich would be the most amazing meal ever by this point of not eating for three days...

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