Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mandy Coon, S/S 11

It seems that NY-based DJ- and model-turned-designer Mandy Coon has passed under my radar a couple of times in the recent future. First, I probably didn't notice her in last May's issue of Vogue (page 136), likely because I was too distracted by Eva Green in Alexander McQueen (check it, page 114). Then yesterday, curiousity (a.k.a. food- and water-deprivation-induced boredom) got the best of me and I visited a well-known teenage blogger's blog, where she had just reviewed a leather bunny purse that Mandy had sent her. I probably don't have to comment further on that instance. However, Lauren of mydearthing kindly pointed me towards photos of Mandy's recent S/S 11 show in New York. Now, there's more leather than I would've liked, but if colour is the way that next spring's clothing is going, I'd rather look at a jellyfish print that 90s neon anyday. I'm also a fan of this unique take on asymmetry:

Basically, if I make it back to New York in February, I will make certain I actually go in (not just repeatedly walk past) Opening Ceremony to see this collection up close.

On an unrelated note, Freaks and Geeks is the greatest TV show of all time. Next question?

(Photos via Style.com and mandycoon.com)

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