Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wolfgang Jarnach - PopUp Preysing Palais

For those of you around Munich, starting today is a special 3-week long pop-up shop featuring pieces from one of my favorite design grads, Wolfgang Jarnach. There something for both men and women, and all the clothing is of course handmade in Germany. Does someone want to pick something up for me? Please? Here's the address in case my plea (and your fashion sensibilities) interests you:

– PopUp Preysing Palais –
!! 24.07. – 14.08.2010 !!

mo-sa 10am-7pm
3weeks – limited clothes
mens-/ womenswear
handmade in germany

Preysing Palais Passage
Residenzstraße 27
80333 München

Go here for more info!

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