Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well, I believe I've gotten too much sun just like at last year's Canada Cup mountain bike race. But I'm just stopping in at home for a quick sit down before I'm back out to enjoy one of our city's finest musical acts, Shout Out Out Out Out, at a new music festival held on the main street of my own neighbourhood. It was a lovely day thus far (aside from the sad fact that my man couldn't join the race this year), so I should've known better and not have checked my Etsy favorites. Tiina of Attila Design has created a new collection which she calls 'Lily on Cloud 9', featuring the most gorgeous ethereal pieces in summery (and smocked) linens, silks, and cotton gauzes. This in itself is of course not even one iota of a bad thing. The kicker is that one of my most favorite Attila Design pieces ever, being one of these new Cloud 9 creations, was both listed and sold while I was watching Canada's finest mountain bicyclists suffer for the last few hours. Sigh. I feel like I just lost a bike race.

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