Monday, July 19, 2010

It's not healthy to hold it in

Well, that weekend completely kicked my butt. Those who are privy to my Facebook page might have witnessed my very whiny status before we departed off to the mountains, as I felt that what was being asked of us for this wedding my man was in was much too much for someone whom he only knew for eight consecutive months. But, while we spent much more on this wedding than on our own, it was nothing short of an unforgettable (albeit chaotic) experience. I suppose being thrown together with strangers (as we only knew the groom and had met the bride twice) into small cabins at an extremely beautiful secluded location in the mountains will do that to you. My life now seems incredibly dull, and I feel like we're really quite out of place living here in this city/the prairies/this continent. A sudden move to Europe and learning at least two more languages seems both entirely logical and entirely needed. Sigh. At least the sad weather matches my mood, which has been depressed even more after saying bye to my new best friend. This utterly gorgeous new ArtLab skirt from Patricia (yes, that's tissue weight jersey and industrial elastic) also perfectly matches both my mood and my style, in both the black and the neutral/grey. I also think they'd look gorgeous over either the Mandula dress or the mydearthing dress, which indeed were exactly what I needed to wear for the wedding (and for drinking many glasses of much deserved Prosecco).

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