Friday, June 4, 2010

What have you got against baboons in mime?

Okay, this was originally just an excuse to post some more Mandula, because I wish Hajnalka's gorgeous creations could always be at the top of all my browser windows. Or perhaps I should just put them on my desktop, as it seems I need to take up a permanent position in the middle of the road to ensure that my favorite neighbourhood creature does not get run over, and everyone's wireless networks seem to be password protected these days. But (I digress) I think that this perfect Bless cardigan (at Reborn

and this fantastic Peeko Apparel bat capelet  

could both hold their own (post) if need be. Though it could be those weird foot acupuncture points speaking, as I was informed they would 'help' my emotions. And we all know I get emotional over clothes. Sigh.

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