Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Central Saint Martins B.A.

Though I know you have to have immense amounts of talent already apparent to get into Central Saint Martins, I can't help but think that studying there imbues your work with this magical quality. After seeing a glimpse of last night's CSM BA graduate show on Fashion156, I just had to scour the Internets for more photos of what appears to be one of the most eye-catching fashion shows ever. Though I could post oodles of photos here, I decided I should edit all the ones I love down to two of my favorite designers. Above are pieces from Yi Fang Wan, who won the L'Oreal Profession Award for Young Talent. Absolutely sigh worthy. And below are pieces by Eloise Jephson, who manages to infuse romantic silhouettes with lions and tigers and...dinosaurs. Oh my.

Okay, I have to post one more. This is from Soo Jin Lee. Don't you think Queen Michelle would look smashing in all of these?

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