Friday, June 11, 2010


A rather alarming (and yet relatively non-alarming) diagnosis has sent me on that dreaded search for A Bathing Suit. While I'm still not sure what possessed me to go to the mall on said search AND to enter The Dressrooms With Inhumanely Horrible Lighting and Mirrors WITHOUT the promise of being awarded The Medal of Bravery, my search has been strengthened by window shopping from the comfort of my own couch. And I must say, Speedos have come a long way. I think I've settled on a one-piece for its 'conservative fit' and lovely shirred sides. And of course, for it's beautiful (non-)colour. I must be on a conservative kick altogether this week actually, as I've been eying both this deceptively simple Peeko Apparel maxi dress (it's made of bamboo jersey and has a racer back), and this perfect layering mid-length skirt from Norwegian Wood (yes, it has sheer mesh stripes!). Perhaps I watched Lady Gaga's new video one too many times...

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