Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pop pop!*

So speaking of plum-coloured frocks, Kimberly Ovitz is keeping the addiction alive with a piece from her A/W 13/14 collection, which just walked the runway at NYFW (NYFW! I wish I was there...). I do wish there was more of the colour in the collection, but I will respect her decision. Various shades of blue (particularly that navy!) also keep stealing my attention away from other hues. Which is slightly concerning, seeing as I'm currently in the process of picking out colours for our soon-to-be new place (so long, one-bedroom apartment!). I know I would absolutely hate blue walls. Or even just one blue wall, singular. I can't even describe my hatred of blue paint. Blue tile (in the shade below), on the other hand...

(Photos via UK Vogue)

*Thanks to a crazy person that works at a local brewery, we are now addicted to the show Community. Expect future references here.

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