Monday, February 18, 2013

CSM MA, A/W 13

I was so engrossed in my schoolwork, that I completely forgot that London Fashion Week started Friday (and is already ending today). I also forgot that the Internets allows me to watch the shows live nowadays. I totally dropped the ball. Especially with the show I always look forward to and usually go out of my way to watch live, being the Central Saint Martins grad show. After flipping through the photos this morning though, it wasn't too much of a loss. It seems that this year in particular, everyone was trying to show which designer they wanted to work for post-graduation. Not that that is bad, per se. I realize these students need jobs, and the CSM runway is the best way to put out their resume. However, it just seemed like I had seen everything in one way or another. So, you can go flip through all the photos yourself and see if you like anything else that I glossed over, but these are my two favorite grads, which were the last two of the show. On the top you'll see the shape-stuffed works by Toma Stenko, a look we've seen before (and a colour combo we've also seen before on the CSM runway) but I still like. And below you'll see looks by Sadie Williams, which pander to my recent Star Wars obsession (and belief that R2-D2 saved the galaxy). 

(Photos via UK Vogue)

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