Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I haven't posted any complexgeometries lately (i.e. for over two years, apparently) for various reasons, the most recent being that I'm scared of buying new things, I have no money, and the last few sales have tended to be at the worst times possible. But I currently am wanting no less than four cg pieces and am setting aside a portion of my tax return to possibly maybe get one. In no particular order:

1) The ebb tunic, i.e. the dress version of the wave t. I have worn my two wave t's (or whatever they were called in 2010) to death (literally - they both have multiple holes in them), and I would love a 100% tencel dress version for the summer. But, it's $182.

2) The fade vest. It's 100% silk gauze, one size fits most, convertible, perfect (or almost, at $325 - apparently my words two years ago still ring true). I'm pretty sure this is one of those pieces that will magically not be on the website when there's a sale.

3) The pivot dress. This reminds me of my beloved mydearthing Carly Dress (which I first met almost four years ago!), just longer and 100% tencel. And I've been going through mydearthing withdrawal for quite some time. At $165, for the amount of year-round wear I'd get out of this (and the addition of a new colour to my wardrobe), this might be the piece I go for in the end.

4) The axis dress. I'd probably end up getting the tank version instead because the dress is form-fitting and only available in two sizes (small and medium), but 100% cotton has never looked so elegant. The dress is $169, and the tank is $139.

Now, after a week-and-a-half-long absence, it's time to return to school...

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