Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Intimately Social 10.13

The plum colour Minna Palmqvist uses for her A/W 13 collection is one of my favorite colours ever. I am generally not a purple kind of person, but somehow my prom dress, my fanciest non-wedding dress, my often-worn mandula dress, and a lovely custom mydearthing dress are all this colour, give or take a shade. Perhaps it's time to add another...Anyway, Minna suggests you listen to Björk's "Mutual Core" while watching the video presentation of the collection (from 0:06 on). With or without a soundtrack, I love what I see. I'll definitely be checking into Minna's e-shop in a few months to see if I can get myself another plum fix.

Entirely unrelated, if you like Neil Gaiman, Stephen Colbert, and Leonard Nimoy (a.k.a three of my favorite people), AND if you're not one of those people who hate short stories, you may want to click here (and listen to the January 27th show). Live long, and prosper.

Edit: Unrelated again, Blogger tells me that this is my 1100th post here on kOs. Crazy!

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