Friday, January 25, 2013


It's all happening. Just barely managing to get it in before I turn the big 3-0, I will actually be leaving my fair continent. Though the 3 I's (Italy, Ireland, and Iceland) have always been at the top of list of places to see first, somehow the idea came about to go on a quick jaunt to Amsterdam (referred to in my house as 'Hamsterdam') and Bruges (thanks to, of all people, Colin Farrell). And, since we decided last weekend to tough it out in our little one-bedroom-no-sunlight apartment for a wee bit longer, the trip is a go! This change in plans led me to searching kOs for Dutch designers, because I couldn't think of any off the top of my head. Which is silly, seeing as there was a very very recent Dutch postee here on kOs, namely Steffie Christiaens. Steffie just posted photos of her A/W 13/14 menswear collection, and, I must say, even outside of shower curtains, I like how this girl thinks. The entire collection is definitely worth checking out (click here), but I'm particularly drawn to these two pieces: the blazer/bomber hybrid (above), and the zip-off coat (below). 

I don't think the tapered back of the hybrid piece (i.e. the bomber portion) would work on a woman, but I suppose that guys deserve some fashion fun of their own. The zip-off coat, however, would work on anyone, as evidenced by that great Vietto coat. Anyway, Steffie is based out of Paris, so I don't know if I'll get to see any of her work up close. Any suggestions for local designer shopping in (H)Amsterdam?

(Photos by Sascha Heintze, via Facebook)

P.S. Speaking of Vietto, you can snag some Vietto pieces in New York next month. Helsinki's Paloni will be setting up a pop-up shop between February 11-28 at the Ivana Helsinki concept store, unleashing Vietto and 36 other Finnish labels (including OutsaPop Trashion) on NYFW. I knew I should've booked a trip during reading week!

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