Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seeking a shower curtain for the end of the world

I can't quite remember how it started, but me and my best friend in junior high/high school used to make each other transparent clothes just for fun. For example, for my friend I made quite the scandalous saran wrap bikini (complete with braided ties out of my cross-stitching thread collection and logos of our local NHL team as imbedded pasties), and I myself received quite the jaw-dropping strapless dress with green metallic Christmas ribbon accents made out of a clear shower curtain. Ah, youth. If only we had continued on with our inspired designs, perhaps we would now be well-known names on the runway. Instead, we decided to focus on our dream of becoming the world's first 2-woman luge team (a sport that still does not exist to this day, to my knowledge). Sigh. I will now have to live vicariously through Dutch designer Steffie Christiaens (written about a life-time ago here), whose S/S 13 collection finally affirms that shower curtain-like material is worthy of the runway. Though, of course, the collection would do well even without the transparent pieces (see below). While the collection is meant to be "a wardrobe for the end of the world," I'm ready to wear these pieces now. As in during my long afternoons of translating Plato's Symposium and reading about the philosophy of science and scholarly editing. Trust me, us Steffs know how to have fun.

(Photos via NJAL)

Edit: Steffie has an online shop! Check it.

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