Saturday, September 29, 2012

yohj jun VIV: S/S 13

To conclude this season's edition of YOHJ JUN VIV, Madame Westwood once again presented a veritable treasure trove of all things recognizably Westwood. Oddly enough, however, it were the two unexpected pieces below that caught my attention. I think Westwood will be the next label to be seen on Lady Gaga (or a Spice Girl), and I hope that there will be more Westwood lingerie in the works. I've been ridiculously obsessed with finding the perfect wireless lounging bra lately (Under the Root and Norwegian Wood get two thumbs up so far!), and would love a fairytale looking one like this to add to my collection. I would even consider doing my hair like a troll. (Just kidding.)

(Photos via SHOWstudio)

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