Friday, September 7, 2012

Printed matter

Though I used to regularly visit the Black Milk blog (called Too Many Tights!), I had forgotten all about the (i.e. THE) leggings label until Queen Michelle posted herself in a brand new pair. This promptly led to the most impulse-est of impulse buys, being my very first pair of Black Milk the New York City Skyline print. How could I not? Yes, they're super cheesy. But what thousands of Black Milk-owning girls know is that these babies they are also awesome in material, construction, and fit. I'm sure a second pair of Black Milks will enter my wardrobe at some point.

Anyway, since I don't wear leggings as pants (because they're not pants), I assumed that the cheese factor would be lowered by the fact that only a small portion of the calf would be bared to the world, and the buildings in the print would look more like abstract art. Which is exactly how they look, at least to the untrained eye. And I think I'd wear a lot more prints (more meaning some) if they were abstract, such as the two pieces from New York-based designer Kimberly Ovitz's S/S 13 collection pictured above. I don't know what they're of (if anything at all), but I don't need to either. The rest of the collection, though in good ol' fashioned solids, is quite lovely as well. However, as I have Latin to translate, I leave it up to you to verify that statement (go here).

Kimberly's name, by the way, might ring a bell to you since I mentioned it once but never posted anything proper. She is, unfortunately, one of the many designers that get lost in the black hole that is my bookmark folder. I swear I tried to organize them once, but to no avail. You should just bookmark her yourself to get up to speed. Particularly as I like her stuff more and more each season.

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