Monday, September 17, 2012

No Poetic Device (...again*)

New favorite alert! I actually discovered this talented New Zealander yesterday, but I seem to have become allergic to my own apartment (and/or the construction site next door) and felt like I, like in the video for this collection, was in a fever hospital. I.e. the bajillion Latin poems I was to translate this weekend did not get translated, and the 800-1000 word report that was due by 7PM tonight was submitted at 6:48PM today. Sigh. 

In any event, you must know about Brooke Barrett and her A/W 12 collection, entitled 'Lucid Existence'. Personally, I'm particularly drawn to Brooke's Pleated Singlet Dress (seen in the top two photos of this post). I'm sure you're tired of me harping on the hi-lo/mullet trend, but this is the only way it should be done. In a Marc le Bihan-meets-Patricia Ayres sort of way. That is, the Brooke Barrett way. The tricky thing is that all the pieces in this collection not only look very wearable, but also look like they were meant to be worn together (as seen on the runway, below). Tricky because, I can't buy them all. Well, I 'can' in the sense that most of the pieces are available on Etsy (where I found Brooke, via a Treasury that 1/2 Ration added to their favorites). But, let me tell you, good air purifiers are gorram expensive.

(Runway photos via Brooke's Facebook)

*This AFI song title totally fits this post, but apparently I had used it on a post two years back. Silly me.

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