Monday, September 3, 2012

Atifa Rasooli

Part of the reason I'm so excited about going back to school is because I can finally wear whatever I want again, all day, every day. I'm simply not cut out for the office life in any way, shape, or form: I hate office politics, I can't play the mind games involved with being around a group of women 8 hours a day, I can't comprehend how meetings are useful in any respect, and I utterly loathe business wear. I tried (half-heartedly) to dress how I was supposed to, but I just couldn't do it. Why do horrible black polyester dress pants and ruffled blouses make me more professional than well-cut black jeans and a men's InAisce linen blazer? Answer: they don't. Anyway, I hope that a couple years from now, when I might have to step back into an office job, my town's business look has become a bit more European (or at least New York-an), and an outfit in the aesthetic-ballpark of Danish designer Atifa Rasooli's work (found via NJAL) is deemed acceptable officewear by the fashionable and unfashionable alike. Otherwise, I'm out of the game for good.

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