Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Lady of Shalott

The last two (gorgeous!) afternoons, I've spent my post-class time translating Latin beside a babbling brook (i.e. a man-made pond with tiny waterfall), which I stumbled upon behind the building I now spend a third of my time in. If I wasn't already sold on being a grad student (which I was), I definitely am now. Can you believe I'm basically getting paid (by the government, no less) to have the kind of romantic afternoons before only read about in Anne of Green Gables (and/or Tennyson)? I've even been assigned an office and given a key, but, as long as it's nice enough to study outside, that office is going to be used as much as Roslyn's Cafe. 

Anyway, Gary Graham's S/S 13 collection perfectly complements my secret little translating spot (and has finally returned to the aesthetic I first loved him for). Prints and all, it also reminds me of some of my favorite layered outfits (and favorite wallpapers...). Thanks, Mr. Graham!

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