Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I was hoping that when I started typing in this young designer's name as a label, Blogger would auto-suggest it, meaning I had an earlier post on her. It just seems like Yvonne Laufer belongs on kOs, and should've been here since the beginning. This is already her MA graduate collection, for goodness' sakes. And with such perfection, you know that her BA one must've knocked more than a few socks off. But all is well, my friends, because Yvonne and kOs have now been united (thanks to NJAL). This collection is inspired by negative space, and looks like the perfect marriage (well, technically a three-way) between Julian Roberts' subtraction cutting method, Lilly Heine's lasered layers, and science.

Yvonne, do you have any interest in creating one additional piece for this collection, specifically inspired by Sulpicia (or who you think Sulpicia was)? I suddenly think it would be a vital part of my research, particularly as it all boils down to negative space, really. Let me know. Alternatively, if I were to become involved in a play/modern dance routine based on my interpretation of Sulpicia, as Canadian classicists are wont to do, I may need to borrow either/both of the below looks for Sulpicia's wardrobe.

(Photos via NJAL)

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